Hello, my name is André Hay. I´m working as an senior 3D artist/motion graphics designer at Clockwork (which is a part of Schjærven reklamebyrå) located in Oslo, Norway. I do commercial work for clients such as Elkjøp Nordic, XXL Nordic, Expert, Skeidar, Bohus, Coop Obs, Coop Bygg, Lefdal, ComeOn and several more. Before I started working at Clockwork I freelanced, mostly on commercials, features, short films and even on a game prototype, called Brothers - a tale of two brothers. The game has since then been released by Starbreeze for Xbox 360 and other gaming platforms. The games name is now "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons", directed by my friend Josef Fares. Some of my feature film work include Kurt blir grusom, Pelle Politibil 1, Knerten, Elias the TV series (season 2) and Elias and the hunt for the ocean gold. I´ve been working in the industry for almost 19 years now. I created Tall Animation to get a chance to do more freelance work and to be able, to showcase my professional and personal projects. My focus is on developing ideas, great storytelling, animation and visually stunning work. I love to be able to work with this professionally, and be able to be a part of the process, that starts with the birth of an idea to a finished end product. I always strive to learn and develop my skills, should it be learning a new software, technical or creative skills. This is what drives me forward Please write me a line or two for any work related projects you need help on, or if you just want to have a friendly chat about the art of animation and the industry in general.

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I can help with the process of creating ideas and concepts for your projects. A full pre-production pipeline, including storyboarding, design, illustration and concept art to aid in the process of visualising, how the end product will look like.


I can help create beautiful motion graphics for any project, should it be commercials, info graphics logos and more, that needs to come alive.


I offer services such as modeling, texturing, shading, rigging, character animation, visual effects and rendering.


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The Fox

This is an illustration of a Fox I did a while back. I[...]